Monday, August 22, 2011

My Hobby is TV

Thanks for the guest post by Esteban Vinson

I know a lot of people have hobbies that keep them busy but honestly, I just like to watch TV. It’s so easy for me to get my mind off of work or whatever’s going on at home when I just put on the satellite and veg out in front of a good movie or a great talk show or something. For some reason people don’t really seem to recognize watching TV as a legitimate hobby – they think I should be out fishing or running or something. But if this is what I like to do in my free time who’s to say it’s bad? My mom is always encouraging me to get out of the house more and be outside but I like it inside where there’s AC and all the junk food I can eat! I guess I never realized being an adult would be so tiring and that it would be such hard work keeping up with the day to day rat race…it really does wear me out!

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