Monday, January 9, 2012

Online Shopping

This guest post from Werner Rogers

I really love to shop online. It is amazing that you can take care of so many things these days without even leaving your house. Of course I love to buy lots of clothes, shoes, and books online like everyone else does. It’s nice not to have to beat the crowds and deal with people at the mall. But I also like to use some other services online, like shop for the best utility prices and banking deals. I really love it that now I can do all my banking online and also electronically pay my bills. It’s great not having to go to the post office and buy stamps and waste my time writing checks. Another new thing I’ve been doing is going to to see if I can get a better deal on my home energy costs. It’s nice to finally have a choice in who I choose to provide my electricity. I think it’s good for the companies to have a little competition and not take my business for granted. Maybe now they’ll start treating people a little better and offer better deals.

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